Autodesk komt met servicepack 3 voor 3dsmax8

Door: Edwin van het Bolscher, 27 april 2006 Autodesk komt weer met wat bugfixes in 3dsmax 8, verpakt in een servicepack. Menig probleem is opgelost. Hier een lijst waar aan gewerkt is:

Issues addressed by this Service Pack:

•Crash when performing a File/Reset on a scene with Brazil materials (SP 2).

•The pixel Aspect ratio is now saved properly with the file (SP 1).

•Issues with retaining Figure Mode have been resolved (SP 1).
•Pasting an animated pose onto a track with no keys now functions properly (SP 1).
•Footstep Mode issues with the walk cycle have been corrected (SP 1).
•You can now set Quaternion keys for the neck of the biped (SP 1).
•A crash related to changing tracks to Euler and then exiting figure mode (SP 1).
•An issue relating to Physique and Twist links whereby the skin is corrupted after saving then re-openning scene. This has been resolved (SP 1).
•Biped problem in pelvis while in figure mode (SP 2).
•Fixed keyframe interpolation changes (SP 2).
•Crash when using Clear Animation on bipeds from previous versions of max (SP 2).
•Crash when performing create collection, copy posture, undo, redo all. (SP 2).
•Hand transforms transfer into figure mode. (SP 2).
•Added entries in the .ini file to be able to set TCB default values for the different Biped key types (SP 3).

•Crash when adjusting density in Cloth Garment modifier (SP 2).
•Crash with Cloth when adding instanced geometry (SP 2).
•Lag with Select by Name dialog when Cloth is used with Biped (SP 3).
•Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing a Cloth modifier assignment and Force selection (SP 3).
•Fixed a performance problem with multiple Cloth objects (SP 3).
•Fixed a problem with lost Cloth caches from pre-SP 2 max files (SP 3).

•In max 8 there was a new functionality (see trackview controller menu -> Ignore/Respect animation Range) that allowed users to specify the range of a parametric controller.
However, the noise controller was not supported. This has been corrected (SP 1).

•CheckVertex regression in DirectX (SP 2).
•Incorrect normals display for normal bump map when no bitmap is used (SP 2).
•Crash when editing a .fx file used by the material editor (SP 2).
•Unreadable material libraries because they contain DirectX materials (SP 2).
•Crash in CheckVertex in DirectX (SP 2).
•Undesirable changes in .fx files display (SP 2).

•Out-of-memory crash on viewport background when zooming in too close (SP 2).
•Out of memory crash when using grid snaps (SP 2).
•Grid Snaps now function for sub-divided grid spacings(SP 1).

•Accuracy refining using grid snap is fixed, however camera and perspective views are not recommended for this workflow (SP 1).

•Fixed a crash that occurred when chamfering the top vertex of a Pyramid primitive (SP 3).
•Fixed a problem with hidden faces still being selectable (SP 3).

•Plugin.ini file being re-ordered at startup (SP 2).
•Saving an OpenEXR overwriting a locked file is now fixed (SP 1).

•Fixed a crash that occurred when rendering Hair using mental ray (SP 2).
•Hair and 32-bit virtual frame buffer incompatibility problem when using mental ray (SP 2).
•A crash involving spline hair and sub-object mode has been repaired (SP 1).


•Previously in max 8 saving an animation where one or more of the controllers had a note track sub controller would cause a crash, this has been fixed (SP 1).
•A known issue in the retargeting roll-out of the mapping dialog, related to changing current/incoming chains in a previously saved xmm file has been resolved (SP 1).
•Previously the following maxscript command did not work; loadSaveAnimation.loadAnimation "c:\\ProgramFiles\\Autodesk\\3dsmax8\\animations\\test.xaf" $'Sphere01'.    
This has now been corrected (SP 1).
•Crash when adjusting the Scale parameter (SP 3).
•Fixed a crash that occurred when saving a Map file after changing mapping and performing a “Get” operation (SP 3).


•A crash relating to adjusting a bitmap's Placement setting has now been fixed (SP 1).
•A crash related to enable DX Display of Standard Material and then clicking “Show Map in Viewport” has been fixed (SP 1).

•Get/Set ActiveX methods discrepancy in maxScript (SP 2).
•An issue relating to the mousetrack function giving an undefined error message has now been fixed (SP 1).
•An issue related to adding a position script controller to an object via maxscript, then receiving a system exception has been fixed (SP 1).
•Previously in 3dsmax 7 the drag and drop to viewport of a script that contained errors, would spawn a maxscript edit window with the erroneous line highlighted. This was not the case in 3dsmax 8, this has now been corrected (SP 1).


•Artifacts rendered by raytracing inside of a mix map with mental ray (SP 2).
•Artifacts on face-mapped objects with missing texture coordinates when rendering with mental ray (SP 2).
•Light maps with artifacts on seams when using mental ray (SP 2).
•Crash when user logs off from an account used by satellite rendering (SP 2).
•Known artifact issues with Double Sided, Top/Bottom, and Blend materials have been resolved (SP 1).


•A crash involving reactor cloth and mesh smooth “Render Iterations” is now fixed (SP 1).


•An issue that did not allow 3dsmax 7 .mix files to be loaded in 3dsmax 8 has been fixed (SP 1).


•A crash relating to swapping morph channels and undoing/redoing the operation has now been fixed (SP 1).

•Crash when moving a Particle Flow emitter that was created while holding Control key (SP 2).
•Crash when creating a non-dimensional Particle Flow source (SP 2).


•Fixed a crash that occurred when undoing a Stairs object creation (SP 3).

•Changes in Quicktime settings prior to rendering were ignored (SP 2).
•Crash when saving a scene that contains batch render data (SP 2).

•Duplicate material dialog popping up when netrendering through command line a scene that restores scene states. (SP 2)
•Not being able to submit a batch render job with a render preset in a UNC location. (SP 2).
•An issue relating to corruption of files when saving a scene that makes use of Net Renderer has been fixed (SP 1).

•Failure when changing output paths with Render To Texture Strip Render (SP 2).   


•An issue involving script controller variables loosing connection when controller targets are changed has been fixed (SP 1).
•A crash related to saving and loading a script then undoing has been fixed (SP 1).

•SetBipedRot not working in Pose mode for feet, clavicles and fingers (SP 2).
•A crash involving the compiled sdk sample file IGameExporter.vcproj and DX materials has now been fixed (SP 1).

•Reverting to previous Bone Affect Limit value. (SP 2)
•Update problems with vertex Abs Weight spinner (SP 2).

•Crash in trackview due to a GDI objects leak (SP 2).

•Unintialized code in texture lookup table crash (SP 2).
•Crash when opening Edit UV’s dialog after performing a sub-object selection. (SP 2).
•A fix was included that allows unwrap to open a multi-sub-object material that contained a "None" material (SP 1).
•A bug, where changes to mapping at the face sub-object level were lost when a selection change was made, has been fixed (SP 1).

•The icons for Brush Presets in the Vertex Paint Modifier are now displayed on French and German OSs correctly (SP 1).
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