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Ambitious student project: A Total Recall inspired level

‘Recall’ is a student project developed in Unreal Engine 4.7 by second year students of Visual Arts

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Extra info:
Within an industry simulation they received a student’s level design. Challenged by maintaining gameplay and performance, they had to develop it into a visually stunning level of professional quality.
The level was themed after the movie ‘Total Recall’ (2012), and we got 180 hours per student in active production time in a team size of eight.

Credits: Max Berends, Anastasia Opara, Jeroen van Dongen, Anna Richter, Loek Gijsbertse, Corne Willemsen, Baiba Gedrovica, Tim Paauwe.
Based on a level design by Tim Baijens

IGAD or ‘International Game Architecture and Design’ is a study program based on industry simulation where programmers, visual artists and game designers are trained to develop high quality products in teams. It is part of the ‘Academy of Digital Entertainment’ at NHTV Breda, The Netherlands. It was founded by people from industry to close the gap between students and professionals
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