Legend of Ikto - Cinematic Trailer
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Earlier Designs Zombie Tribe
Hero asset in CInematic
Hero assets in CInematic
Hero assets in CInematic
Hero asset in CInematic
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Final Concept - Zombie Tribe
Rocky Schouten
Visual Development Artist
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The Legend of Ikto - Concept Art

The jungle has many hidden treasures, some are hidden for an excellent reason...
Our heroes’ journey has led them deep into the undiscovered rainforest. A ruined temple, overgrown and seemingly abandoned offers what they have been looking for. Not knowing what to expect, the team has come prepared. As the peaceful site turns into a battle arena, our heroes find out they’ll get a little more than they signed up for.
I have worked on the Production Design for this Cinematic Trailer created by Colorbleed. I was responsible for the environment design and the character designs for the Zombie Tribe plus the storyboard and colorscript for the look and feel. Stay tuned for Concept Art that will be uploaded next week.
For a more in-depth look about the process: https://colorbleed.nl/projects/legend-of-ikto/
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Was awesome to work with your concept art!
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