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Veloretti |It's On

Veloretti is known for its timeless city bikes spotted all along the canals of Amsterdam. For the launch of their first-ever e-bike packing the punch of a connected bike into a sleek, classical frame, they wanted a brand identity and campaign to showcase its product innovation in a pared-back, elegant way. This wasn’t about appealing to gadget-loving guys, but city commuters looking to travel light, ride fast, and do it in style.

Ambassadors came on board to develop the e-bike's brand identity and creative campaign from start to finish. Further to the creative production of the completely CG-animated teaser and campaign films, Ambassadors was the creative partner responsible for elements such as campaign concept and designing both the in-store and online experience for the e-bike.

Lockdown measures impacted the production of the bike and the originally planned live shoot, so a switch to CG allowed Veloretti to still achieve a showroom, lifestyle-shoot feeling while still showcasing the sleek product features in a punchy, satisfying-to-watch way.
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Henk Bok
Erg net! Maar ook mooi dynamisch met alle verschillende animaties en blikken binnenin en de felle belichting hier en daar.
 2 maanden geleden
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